Some sample of our innovative work

Novel Horizons in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Biology; Evolutionary Biology; Geography, Environment & Natural Resources

The Kadas Green Roofs Ecology Center

Biology; Evolutionary Biology; Geography, Environment & Natural Resources

Preventing Breast Cancer Recurrence

Human Biology; Medical Studies

Pine Biotech Ltd

Human Biology; Medical Studies

The Future of Remote Sensing: Enabling Advances in Environmental and Ecological Study

Biology; Evolutionary Biology; Geography, Environment & Natural Resources

Development of diagnostic markers for the detection of functional and non-functional alleles of Yr15

Biology; Evolutionary Biology; Geography, Environment & Natural Resources


What we actually do

Research Services

Businesses, organizations and government agencies are encouraged to establish research collaboration with the University of Haifa’s top researchers. Targeted research conducted by our renowned experts serves to leverage business potential, inform decision makers and enable knowledge transfer from academia to industry.

  • Research Planning and Applications
  • Budgeting
  • Legal Consulting
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • IP management

Labs and Material Services

University of Haifa labs are managed and staffed by research experts, offering various research models, lab tests, materials and other services. Our labs are designed with advanced technologies to serve research in the fields of marine sciences, natural sciences, evolution and environment sciences, computer sciences, information technology and more.

  • Consulting agreements
  • Inter-Institutional agreements
  • Service agreements
  • Material exchange agreements

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Product Sales

Evaluation and Educational tools that were developed by the university researchers. 



  • MMPI 
  • CAR-P questionnaires
  • Do-Eat
  • Compet

Incubation Services

Business , financial and legal services for top Innovative research projects


  • Management services
  • Business development
  • Financial and budget services
  • Legal consultant
  • Administration servics

Patents Assignment

University of Haifa innovators are offered expert consulting and management services facilitating intellectual property protection.

  • rafting and filing patent applications
  • Handling patent renewals
  • Patent assignment processes
  • Patent commercialization agreements

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Investment Opportunities

Carmel Ltd. established the Carmel Innovation Funds and addional investment vehicles to enable diverse channels and levels for investment in leading innovation. 

  • Projects spanning a diverse range of industries
  • First-rate portfolio of companies
  • An avenue for investment
  • Services to accelerate entrepreneurial success

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Carmel - University of Haifa, Economic Corporation Ltd. 

Eshkol Tower,
25th floor, Room 2502
University of Haifa
Haifa, 3498838

Tel: +972-(0)4-8288500
Fax: +972-(0)4-8288499

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