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Carmel Ltd - Board of Directors

Bishara Hussam, chairman

Mr. Hussam Bishara, Chairman

Mr. Hussam Bishara (CPA) serves as chairman of Carmel Ltd. since Jan 2023.
Mr. Bishara served as chairman of TransIsrael Ltd, (Hotze Israel) board of directors. The governmental company is responsible for implementing transportation projects nationwide, such as roads and tracks, including the light rail project from Haifa to Nazareth, in addition to other budget-funded projects, some in collaboration with the private sector (PPP).
Mr. Bishara served as chairman of the board of directors of Israel Railways Ltd. He is a managing partner of Haifa branch at RSM accountancy firm, which provides services to both the private sector and the public sector.
Mr. Bishara, holds a BA in Accounting and a BA in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Mr. Bishara lectures on auditing and accounting in professional forums.