The Molecular Basis for Psychopathology Lab

The Molecular Basis for Psychopathology Lab

Testing Platform for Pharmacological Compounds that Target Glutamate Transmission

The Molecular Basis for Psychopathology Lab, headed by Dr. Inna Gaisler-Salomon in the University of Haifa’s Department of Psychology, uses animal models and a combination of genetic, molecular and behavior tools to address specific questions related to the etiology, symptomatology and treatment of schizophrenia and stress-related behavior.

Animal Models and Targets for Pharmacological Testing
Backed by its research upholding glutamate transmission as a novel treatment target for symptoms of schizophrenia, the Gaisler-Salomon Lab is able to provide a novel animal model testing platform for pharmacological compounds that target glutamate transmission. A unique battery of behavioral assays (some of which are commonly used and others developed in-house) is capable of detecting deficits in central aspects of schizophrenia-related symptomatology, such as deficits in salience attribution and attentional set shifting.


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