Deep Med Research Lab

Deep Med Research Lab

Exploring Marine Biology in Mediterranean Depths

The Deep Med Lab, headed by Dr. Dan Tchernov at the University of Haifa’s Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences, is home to the Deep Med Research Group (established in 2009), focusing on marine biology research in the easternmost Mediterranean.

Deep Sea Survey and Lab Services

The Deep Med Lab offers the most advanced marine biology research equipment, as well as deep sea survey services with an established and well-trained underwater surveyor team. The surveyor team has full technical diving abilities, including closed circuit rebreathers (ideal for fish surveys).

Survey resources include:

  • Full technical CCR gear and ability
  • Fully operational diving center, with professional equipment and field labs (Caesarea)
  •  A survey vessel (on retainer)
  • Professional documentation tools

Lab facilities include:

  • Cold room and dark room
  • Tissue and cell culture rooms, with laminar-flow hoods; an inverted microscope; CO2 incubators; and 15°C- 350°C incubator 
  • Molecular biology and microscopy equipment
  • Equipment for processing tissues for histological work
  • Cryostat
  • Microtome
  • Fluorescent microscope
  • Membrane inlet mass spectrometer
  • Pulse amplitude modulation fluorometer (PAM)
  • Dual PAM (Waltz)
  • Image PAM (Waltz)
  • Controlled aquaria for both coral and foraminifera
  • Fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC)
  • GCMS IRMS (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
  • FIRe (Satlantic)
  • Microsensor Multimeter (Unisense)
  • PCR and Real time PCR machines
  • ELISA plate reader
  • Deep freezers, refrigerators and centrifuges


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