Gidron Yori (Yoram), Prof.

Gidron Yori (Yoram), Prof.

Yori (Yoram) Gidron, Prof of medical psychology in the Faculty of Welfare and Health Sciences, Univ of Haifa, Israel.

Prof. Gidron obtained his BA in psychology at university of Haifa, and his MSc and PhD in experimental (health) psychology at Dalhousie univ. Canada (graduated in 1996).

Prof. Gidron is psycho-neuro-immunologist, and conducts researches in cognitive and neuro-modulation of health and diseases.
This includes 4 sub-topics:
1. The role of the vagal nerve in predicting and possibly slowing down cancer, heart disease and stroke.
2. The role of hemispheric lateralization in physical and mental health
3. Health promotion using the psychological inoculation method
4. Can a neuroscience-based method prevent PTSD?

Prof. Gidron has over 115 scientific publications and wrote a book on Behavioral Medicine for Springer. He is a member of the editorial board of four scientific journals including Psych-oncology.

At the present time, Prof. Gidron especially focuses on the therapeutic roles and mechanisms of vagal nerve activation in fatal diseases, is working with 8 countries and strongly believes that health sciences can and should bridge between people and countries for the sake of people's lives and peace.

Prof. Gidron’s 1st domain has led to show the independent prognostic role of the vagal nerve in cancer, and to develop a neuroimmunological model of chronic diseases. This topic has scientific and clinical implications.

The 2nd domain has led to understand how the left hemisphere protects us from adverse effects of stress and how its activity predicts a lower risk of infectious diseases. Those two domains are also relevant to the coronavirus.

The 3rd domain has led to develop and test an automatic computerized psychological inoculation method, which could be used in future to promote the health of many people worldwide.

The 4th domain shows how neurosciences can be the backbone of understanding and possibly preventing mental disorders and shows the essential need to use only evidence-based therapies.

Prof. Gidron also participated in humanitarian missions on the topic of PTSD prevention.




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