Uri Schattner, Dr.

Schattner Uri, Prof.

Uri Schattner is a senior lecturer in marine geosciences, co-founder and former head of the Dr. Moses Straus Department of Marine Geosciences, and head of the Seismic Interpretation Lab at the University of Haifa’s Leon H. Charney School of Marine Sciences. He obtained his BSc in Geology and Biology from the Hebrew University in 1998, both MSc (applied Geodesy, 2001) and Ph.D. (Tectonics, 2006) in Geophysics from Tel Aviv University, post-doc at the Geological Survey of Israel (2006) and the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds, UK (2007). His research focuses on plate and salt tectonics, seismic stratigraphy, Earth systems analysis, acquisition processing and analysis of marine geophysical data, structural geology, gravity, magnetics, seafloor morphology. In 2007 he received the Bentor Award from the Fredy & Nadin Herrman Institue of Earth Sciences (Hebrew University, Jerusalem) for writing an excellent paper on the tectonic development ‎of the eastern Mediterranean‎. In 2016 Uri received the Freund Award of the Israel Geological Society (the highest and most respected prize for Earth sciences in Israel) for writing an original and innovative paper on sediment transport in the eastern Mediterranean.

In 2016 Uri invented the Bike-magnetic – a simple and low-cost technique for collecting ground magnetic data on a bicycle. This design improves the efficiency of the regular ground magnetic data collection by ten times. By now, this technique yielded new magnetic data over thousands of kilometers and two papers.

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