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Empowering Research and Innovation at the University of Haifa

Maximizing Business Potential

Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corporation Ltd. serves as the commercialization and business arm of the University of Haifa and is responsible for protecting and commercializing its intellectual property. Carmel-Haifa collaborates with various partners and establishes ventures, companies and funds with the goal of maximizing the business potential of commercializing research and knowledge developed at the University.

  • Protecting and commercializing the intellectual property emanating from research conducted at the university – while protecting the researchers’ academic needs
  • Assisting university faculty and researchers in the process of commercializing new and useful products, services or technologies.
  • Accelerating commercialization through global collaborations
  • Establishing, developing and monitoring economic ventures based on research projects
  • Setting up joint ventures and research collaborations with external partners
  • Fast and innovative approach to business with our partners



Chief Executive Officer

Chairperson and board member of several public and private global companies

Board member of IATI – Israel Advanced Technology...


Business Development

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Projects Manager and IIA Programs 


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Personal Assistant to CEO and Office Manager

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VP Business Development

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