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Mir2Me Ltd

Mir2Me Ltd

Mir2Me is a breakthrough diagnostic method for Type-2 Diabetes, based on unique Mir-XYZ (GF) the research team had found.

The team reveals a single gene, Mir-XYZ (GF) that is responsible for The transition between healthy to Diabetes condition. This "one gene one disease" dogma is groundbreaking in diabetes research, as it was never tested before.

Mir2Me offers a tool for diagnosis of individuals carrying genetic diabetes associated variant in Mir-XYZ (GF) for manifest its expression presymptomatically

even at newborn (40–50 years before onset)

Current status-

  • 13 years of research with animals
  • P patent was filled
  • Undergo clinical trial of 1,000 subjects in Israeli hospital
  • Seed financing

Prof. Gil Atzmon is a member of the research team and Co-founder. He is the head of the Laboratory of Genetics and Epigenetics of Aging and Longevity at the Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Haifa.