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Multi Q.T.L.

Multi Q.T.L.

MultiQTL Ltd. is a bioinformatics company based in Haifa, Israel, oriented on developing a spectrum of software tools for genomics and biotechnology. These include software for building multilocus genetic maps, genetic mapping of quantitative traits, large scale physical mapping (e.g., contig assembling based on restriction fingerprinting of BAC libraries), evaluation of multilocus relatedness for various forensic applications, etc.
The company’s multifunctional software for genome mapping is oriented to genetic and breeding companies, universities, research institutes, and medical organizations. their customers are distributed worldwide.


  • MultiPoint, for multilocus map construction
  • MultiQTL, for QTL analysis in controlled crosses
    The software integrates a broad spectrum of data mining, statistical analysis, interactive visualization and modeling tools that allow QTL analysis based on advanced and sophisticated methods for maximum extraction of the mapping information from data
  • LTC, for physical mapping
    Linear Topology Contig (LTC) software enables the construction of reliable and longer contigs, detection of “weak” connections in contigs and their “repairing”, and elongation of contigs obtained by other methods.
    LTC can be used as an alternative or complementary to the known FPC software

The team is being led by Prof. Avraham. Korol, CEO - Professor of Genetics at the University of Haifa and head of the mathematical and population genetics lab at the Institute of Evolution.