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MemoBoost Ltd.

Defeating Dementia
Researcher : Prof. Edi Barkai

Pioneering drug treatment to inhibit the onset of dementia.
Based on research unravelling the scientific foundations of learning and memory in the brain.

Company Background
Research at the University of Haifa shedding light on a neurobiological trigger for dementia that is proving to be a druggable target led to establishment of MemoBoost Ltd. in 20xx . The company was founded by Carmel - the University of Haifa’s economic corporation in collaboration with the head of research, Prof. Edi Barkai. The team is working closely with R&D Integrative Solutions, bringing extensive experience in drug discovery and development management to the table.

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Drug Market Potential
According to the World Health Organization, some 47 million people worldwide suffer from dementia. The number is projected to reach up to 75 million in 2030.Persistence Market Research has reported that the global treatment for syndromes of dementia and movement disorders market was valued at USD 12,859.8 million in 2014 and is expected to reach an estimated value of USD 21,154.8 million in 2020 (at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2014 to 2020).
The report notes that most of the drugs fail in Phase III due to lack of sufficient knowledge about the mechanisms of the brain and the unknown causes of the disease.
MemoBoost - Breaking new ground in preventative treatment for dementia.


IP Status: Patent pending

Innovation Investment & Partnership Opportunities
Since the mGluR family is highly validated as a pharmaceutical target, we believe a preclinical collaboration with or licensing to a pharmaceutical or biotech company is attainable.
MemoBoost Ltd. received seed investment from the Carmel Innovations Fund, supporting the company’s research and development and steering it towards its present accomplishments.
Carmel Ltd. is now seeking potential partners and/or investors to drive strong company growth and drug market disruption.

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