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Pine Biotech Ltd

Pine Biotech

The power of big data opening doors to discovery

Pine Biotech, working with the University of Haifa’s Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center (TBRC) and led by Dr. Leonid Brodsky, has developed informative and interactive visualizations for bioinformatics and genomic big data. Its T-BioInfo platform combines analysis of heterogeneous data types and machine learning approaches, as well as integration and modeling. Users work with a simple interface that hides complicated mathematical algorithms and are offered intuitive options for creating complex algorithmic pipelines.
The user-friendly visualization of complex data sets allows for insights that researchers may not have even been looking for, opening doors to discovery.

T-BioInfo Applications
Personalized medicine. Empowering research, classification and characterization of diseases such as cancer and genetic diseases.
Virology. Enabling a better understanding of viral genomics and virus-host interactions can lead to a better understanding of viral diseases.
Agriculture. Integrating big data with agritech to help address major global issues such as climate change and food security.
Education. Simplifying the computational approach to allow scientists of all backgrounds to move forward in the big data world.

Pine Biotech’s vision is to enable scientists, practical medical workers, non-bioinformatician biologists and bioinformatics students to take full advantage of the power and promise of big data.

• Awarded first place at the Pistoia Alliance President’s Startup Challenge in Boston, MA (October 2016).
• Included in Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency grant (DARPA Intercept) in collaboration with the University of California San Francisco and Boston University.

Website: https://pine-biotech.com

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