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The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center

The Interdisciplinary Clinical Center (ICC), under the sponsorship of the Faculty of Social Welfare and Health Studies, was established with the aim of providing diagnosis and treatment services in the areas of physical and mental health from an interdisciplinary perspective.
The clinical work combines student instruction, treatment, counseling, and research, emphasizing the interaction between practice and applied research. Projects initiated by the ICC will incorporate therapists who specialize in specific fields alongside Faculty members. Treatment is offered at the individual, family, group, and organizational levels.


Psychotherapy and Consulting Unit

This Institute offers consultation and psychotherapeutic treatment services to people dealing with situations of emotional stress. The emotional and mental difficulties treated at the Institute include depression, anxiety, conflict, dilemmas related to work or intimate relationships, adolescents in distress, individuals dealing with loss or trauma and parents with child-rearing difficulties. Therapy is available to individuals, couples, families and groups. The Institute also treats special-need populations. It offers a variety of different treatment options including psychotherapy, play therapy and art therapy. The Institute is staffed by psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists and creative art therapists with extensive training and experience in clinical, educational and rehabilitative psychology. Professional training is also provided to therapists from a range of specialties. The Institute for Consultation and the Treatment of Emotions is directed by Ella Wagner, a clinical psychologists and professional trainer.

Institute for Occupational Therapy

image6Under the direction of Sausan Habib, a leading occupational therapist, the Institute for Occupational Therapy offers diagnosis and therapeutic services to infants, children, and adolescents with developmental and functional difficulties. The Institute identifies and treats developmental delays and disorders, sensor-motor and cognitive difficulties, physical disabilities, congenital defects, genetic diseases, emotional difficulties, and learning and attention disorders. Therapy is available on an individual or group basis and includes innovative and diverse treatment methods, such as the use of virtual reality.


The Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute for Hearing Diagnosis and Rehabilitation

image5Hearing impairment is thought to be one of the most prevalent medical issues affecting infants and children today. Early detection and diagnosis is absolutely crucial in the prevention of delays or problems in future speech and language development.

The University of Haifa, in response to the pressing need for innovation and advancement in the field of hearing impairments, established an Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute for Hearing Diagnosis and Rehabilitation as part of the Interdisciplinary Clinic. The Institute, one of the leading institutes in the world, offers a variety of examinations to provide comprehensive audiological assessments including hearing tests and audiological diagnosis for all ages, rehabilitation therapies (hearing training and lip-reading), audiological consultations and hearing aids fittings.

The Audiology and Neurophysiological Institute is equipped with the latest, most advanced technology, acoustic cells and diagnostic labs. The Institute's team of experts consists of leading clinicians in communication disorders and audiology as well as specialists in hearing disabilities and experienced clinicians, among them Professor Joseph Attias, a world-renowned expert on prevention and detection strategies for the hearing impaired, Professor Shimon Sapir, specializing in the physiology and rehabilitation of voice and speech disorders, and Dr. Rafi Shemesh, the Director of the Institute, whose expertise is the diagnosis and rehabilitation of the hearing-impaired.

The Institute's team conducts clinical research in collaboration with other internationally acclaimed research centers and universities. The focus of the research is on reaching a better understanding of the development of hearing and to making improvements in the detection and diagnosis of children and adults. The Institute's researchers are making advances in the development of advanced technologies through biological mechanisms.


The Institute for Communication, Language, and Speech Disorders

Communication disorders are impairments in the ability to process and understand concepts or verbal, nonverbal and graphic symbol systems. A communication disorder may appear in hearing, language ability, and/or speech processes. Communication disorders are either developmental or acquired.

The Institute for Communication, Language, and Speech Disorders at the Interdisciplinary Clinical Center provides diagnostic, treatment and rehabilitation services in the fields of communication, language, and speech development, language-learning disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, eating and swallowing disorders, speech motor disorders, voice and resonance disorders and fluency disorders such as stuttering. The Institute offers therapy to children, adolescents, and adults. It provides treatment to children from infancy and accompanies them through development stages and their integration into the educational system.

The Institute implements the latest research findings to design programs to meet individual needs. Therapy is offered individually or in a group setting according to the needs of each client. A senior speech-language pathologist, Ruth Reiner, heads the Institute and its staff of expert speech-language pathologists, most of whom belong to the academic faculty of the Department of Communication Disorders at the University of Haifa.


Website: icc.haifa.ac.il/en

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