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Kaphzan Hanoch, Prof.

Kaphzan Hanoch, Prof.

Prof. Hanoch Kaphzan is head of the “Laboratory for Neurobiology of Psychiatric Disorders” in the Sagol department of neurobiology.

He is a board-certified psychiatrist and a neuroscientist. He received his MD from the University of Tel Aviv, completed his residency in psychiatry at the Rambam Medical Center, and received his PhD in neurobiology from the University of Haifa. In 2007-2012 he was a postdoc at New York University in the center for neural sciences.

Currently, his lab is studying the molecular and cellular basis of neurodevelopmental disorders and the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying neurostimulation. The techniques used in the lab are electrophysiology, two-photon live imaging, confocal imaging, molecular biology, and bioinformatics analyses.

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