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Sara Rosenblum, Prof.

Rosenblum Sara, Prof.

Sara Rosenblum is a full professor in occupational therapy and head the laboratory for Complex Human Activity and Participation (CHAP), with special interest in the characteristics of human daily function. Rosenblum aim to gain better insight into interactions between varied body functions (e.g., cognitive, motor, sensory), activity performance and participation abilities of people faced with functional deficits in everyday life.

A main focus is placed on trying to understand the relationships between brain mechanisms and actual daily functions among varied populations along life cycle. The ICF concepts (WHO, 2001) constitute the frame for description and evaluation of ability and disability in her research. Consequently, her studies concentrate on populations of children and adults with neurodevelopmental and neurological disorders and those with chronic illness whose daily function confrontations have not yet received appropriate expression in research.

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