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Rubinsten Orly, Dr.

Dr. Orly Rubinsten is a faculty member at the University of Haifa’s Department of Learning Disabilities and Edmond J. Safra Brain Research Center for the Study of Learning Disabilities. She is head of the University’s Language and Numbers Laboratory. 

Her research spans several areas in cognitive neuroscience and she has made scholarly contributions to the fields of numerical neuro-cognition, neurocognitive aspects of attention and learning disabilities, emotions and anxiety. Dr. Rubinsten has been awarded more than $330,000 in research funds and grants, from national institutions including ISF, Israel Ministry of Science and Technology, Rothschild Foundation and Fulbright.
She is an associate editor for Journal of Cognition and has been guest editor for a special issue of Developmental Neuropsychology and for Frontiers in Psychology. She has previously served as a psychologist in Ben-Gurion University’s Committee of Learning Disabilities.
Dr. Rubinsten graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (cum laude) in Behavioral Sciences, a Master’s degree in Rehabilitation Neuropsychology and a PhD in Cognitive Neuropsychology from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She completed her post doctorate at the Hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto, Canada.


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