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Investment Opportunities

Carmel Ltd. lets you choose from a range of investment options to suit your areas of interest and stage of investment.
Our projects span a diverse range of industries: biomedicine, sustainable agriculture, marine technologies, information technology and others.
Carmel Innovations Fund provides an unequalled opportunity for investment in University of Haifa technology transfer. Participating in investments in Fund I companies or Fund II projects offers investors the right to select and invest in the most promising technologies, with significant support from the University and foundations for a number of years.
Carmel Innovations Fund Investment Highlights 

Investment in technology gives you an opportunity to choose promising R&D projects for investment, ensuring technology growth for commercialization and ROI.


Consider a strategic investment in successful companies already established with Carmel-University of Haifa Economic Corporation

Protekt Therapeutics Ltd.  
Alzheimer therapy and long-term memory enhancement

Triggering cancer self-destruction
ARTSaVIT Ltd. received a follow-on investment from Merck Ventures, Arkin Bio Ventures and Pontifax

MemoBoost Ltd.
Drug development for cognitive enhancement

CanCuRX Ltd.
Cancer therapy based on mushroom-derived compounds


Investing in Fund II offers an opportunity to fund promising startup projects
Fund’s goal: Reach a strategic agreement/investment within 1-2 years, with significant ROI

  • Raising US $5-10M
  • Evergreen fund, maximizing flexibility and potential
  • Risk reduction – investing in multiple diversified startups
  • Seed investment of ~US$500K in a new promising project, establishing a startup
  • Right of first refusal to co-invest in leading technologies from the University of Haifa
  • Investors have the right to invest directly in the established startups
  • Rights to invest in Fund I portfolio companies
  • Carmel Ltd. assists in business development, leveraging its strong network with strategic partners and access to potential government funds
  • Patents assigned exclusively and irrevocably to the established startups
  • Investors appoint board directors in the Fund, in established startups and in the investment committee
  • Exit proceeds will be distributed based on the Fund’s board decision

Fund II – open for new investors


FUND II Portfolio 
SeaErra Vision Ltd.


Pre-seed Investment in Technology

Carmel Ltd. offers a prime opportunity to leverage technologies, ensuring growth for commercialization and ROI.
Choose from our innovative technologies in:

  • Computer Science, Math and Statistics
  • Education Technologies
  • Biology; Evolutionary biology;Geography;Environment & Natural Resources Management
  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management
  • Marine Sciences
  • Human Biology/Medical
  • Neurobiology/Psychology
  • Social Welfare & Health Sciences

Additional spin-off companies

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