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Investment Opportunities

Carmel Ltd. lets you choose from a range of investment options to suit your areas of interest and stage of investment.
Our projects span a diverse range of industries: biomedicine, sustainable agriculture, marine technologies, information technology and others.
Carmel Innovations Fund provides an unequalled opportunity for investment in University of Haifa technology transfer. Participating in investments in Fund I companies or Fund II projects offers investors the right to select and invest in the most promising technologies, with significant support from the University and foundations for a number of years.
Carmel Innovations Fund Investment Highlights 

Investment in technology gives you an opportunity to choose promising R&D projects for investment, ensuring technology growth for commercialization and ROI.


Consider a strategic investment in successful companies already established with Carmel-University of Haifa Economic Corporation

Protekt Therapeutics Ltd. 
Alzheimer therapy and long-term memory enhancement

  • Protekt Therapeutics Ltd. (formerly MemoFit Ltd.) received a follow-on investment of ~NIS8M, representing 7x valuation increase.
  • Strategic collaboration and investment by J&J, Takada, Orbimed, FutuRx
  • Post-investment: Carmel Innovations Fund carries significant holdings in MemoFit Ltd.

Triggering cancer self-destruction

  • ARTSaVIT Ltd. received a follow-on investment of US$6.3M from Merck Ventures, Arkin Bio Ventures and Pontifax
  • Strong strategic partners
  • Significant valuation increase

MemoBoost Ltd.
Drug development for cognitive enhancement

CanCuRX Ltd.
Cancer therapy based on mushroom-derived compounds

ResCure Ltd.
A novel approach to treating recurring metastatic cancer disease

MemoDero Ltd.
New drug for the treatment of fear and anxiety disorders


FUND II Startup Projects
Investing in Fund II offers an opportunity to fund promising startup projects
Fund’s goal: Reach a strategic agreement/investment within 1-2 years, with significant ROI

  • Raising US $5-10M
  • Evergreen fund, maximizing flexibility and potential
  • Risk reduction – investing in multiple diversified startups


  • Seed investment of ~US$500K in a new promising project, establishing a startup
  • Right of first refusal to co-invest in leading technologies from the University of Haifa
  • Investors have the right to invest directly in the established startups
  • Rights to invest in Fund I portfolio companies
  • Carmel Ltd. assists in business development, leveraging its strong network with strategic partners and access to potential government funds
  • Patents assigned exclusively and irrevocably to the established startups
  • Investors appoint board directors in the Fund, in established startups and in the investment committee
  • Exit proceeds will be distributed based on the Fund’s board decision

Fund II – open for new investors

Pre-seed Investment in Technology
Carmel Ltd. offers a prime opportunity to leverage technologies, ensuring growth for commercialization and ROI.
Choose from our innovative technologies in:

  • Computer Science, Math and Statistics
  • Education Technologies
  • Biology; Evolutionary biology;Geography;Environment & Natural Resources Management
  • Information Systems and Knowledge Management
  • Marine Sciences
  • Human Biology/Medical
  • Neurobiology/Psychology
  • Social Welfare & Health Sciences

Additional spin-off companies

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