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Carmel Innovation Fund

Unique Opportunity to Invest in Leading Innovation

 Carmel Innovations Fund, established in 2014, is a micro fund of private investors, providing seed funding to companies established by Carmel, for innovative projects based on IP of the University of Haifa. The Carmel Innovations Fund provides seed funding to promising projects for approximately two years and helps maturing them to a stage of significant value and inflection point. Participating in the fund provides investors with the first right to select and invest in the most promising projects which have already received significant support from the University and foundations.

 Carmel Ltd. and Carmel Innovations Fund incubate companies to the point where they can achieve strategic agreements, M&A

  • Access to the top commercialization opportunities within University of Haifa’s globally recognized innovation centers
  • Innovation centers span diverse range of industries including biomedicine, sustainable agriculture, marine technologies and information technology
  • Haifa’s top innovators are engaged in companies, as they grow, at their labs
  • Patents are assigned exclusively and irrevocably to the companies formed

Carmel Ltd. provides a range of services to accelerate entrepreneurial success

  • Expertise in intellectual property management, spin-off formation, licensing and business development
  • Expertise in Inter Institutional Agreements, Governmental (OCS) funded projects, Industry-Partner Funded R&D
  • Management team and advisory board have strong links to global strategic partners
  • Mentoring and coaching, leading the startups to success

Carmel Innovations Fund maintains a first rate portfolio of companies

  • Initially provides seed funding of ~US $500K
  • Holds up to 75% of each company in the portfolio
  • Companies expected to reach significant milestones within ~2 years

An evergreen fund leveraging top innovation, with experienced management

  • Investors spread risk across a diversified portfolio
  • Investors Hold 70% of the Fund (Carmel Ltd. holds 30%)
  • Right of first refusal for all research at University of Haifa
  • Additional rights to invest directly in portfolio companies
  • Investors nominate board directors and influence project selection


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