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ARTS-based therapy: Revolutionizing the fight against cancer

Company Background
ARTSaVIT Ltd. was co-founded by Carmel, the economic corporation of the University of Haifa, Carmel Innovations Fund and Professor Sarit Larisch from the University of Haifa. Prof. Larisch has identified and characterized a protein called ARTS (Apoptosis-Related Protein in TGF Beta-Signalling Pathways), which regulates the levels of several important anti-apoptotic proteins by promoting their degradation. Apoptosis is a highly regulated process of natural cell death. Faulty regulation of apoptosis is implicated in many human diseases, including cancer. Moreover, resistance to apoptosis is a hallmark of most human cancers.
The insights gathered by Prof. Larisch and the unique function of ARTS led to the establishment of the company, which is developing small molecule ARTS mimetics designed to selectively induce apoptosis in cancer cells.

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Cancer Treatment Market Potential
The World Cancer Research Fund International reports that in 2012 there were an estimated 14.1 million cancer cases around the world. Of those, 7.4 million cases were in men and 6.7 million in women. Lung, breast and colorectal are recorded as the leading cancers for that year. The same source states that the number of overall cancer cases is expected to increase to 24 million by 2035.
ARTSaVIT expects to become a key player in the cancer treatment market, revolutionizing the approach to curing cancer cell growth.

Market Assessment
QuintilesIMS has reported (Global Oncology Trend Report: A Review of 2015 and Outlook to 2020) that in 2015 the global oncology market reached $107 billion
The market is expected to reach $150 billion in 2020, at an annual global growth rate of 7.5%-10.5%
Innovation Investment & Partnership
The company received seed investment from the Carmel Innovations Fund, which supported the research and development of the company to its current stage.
In January 2017, ARTSaVIT announced that it has completed a Series A round of financing led by Arkin Bio Ventures and Pontifax, with participation of Merck Ventures, Carmel Innovation and Carmel-Haifa University Economic Corporation Ltd. ArtsAvit is looking for potential partners, investors, collaborations.  

Cancer treatment co ARTSaVIT raises $6.3m- Published by Globes [online], Israel Business News - on January 4, 2017

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